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Webmaster Prestashop Modules / Addons


Google Analytics Prestashop Module (Free)

This Google Analytics for Prestashop module enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics stats in your account.


Free PrestaShop Google Adwords tracking & Google Analytics module

Simple and quick solution for adding Google Adwords tracking and Google Analytics codes to PrestaShop.

Free PrestaShop Custom Code Module (Free)

This module allows you to add custom css or JavaScript, Google analytics code, google fonts and meta tags to your site.

Modules to Marketing and Advertising Your Prestashop

PrestaShop SumoMe Module

PrestaShop SumoMe Module (Free)

Are you looking to grow your PrestaShop website’s traffic? That is exactly what SumoMe has for you. They have over a dozen different apps that can help you supercharge your sales. Get this, they also have a free plan as well, so using the apps does not cost you anything. What do you have to lose, except more money by not trying their apps.

PrestaShop OptinMonster Module (Free)

Are you looking to grow your mailing list for your PrestaShop site? If so OptinMonster is for you. They have an intuitive form builder, exit intent technology, A/B testing, and even page level targeting. Do let your customers get away without giving you something that you can market to them with in the future.

Shopmania Integration

Shopmania Integration (Free)

With this module you will be available to integrate own Prestashop with ShopMania, which is a price comparision system and shopping portal offering free shopping resources for customers.

Free Top Prestashop Modules to Speed Up Your Store

Image Optimization Prestashop Module (Free)

Optimize images on your site homepage to get higher scores on GTmetrix and Google page speed insights.

lazy loading prestashop module

Lazy Loading Module (Free)

Free Prestashop lazy loading module for product images to speed your site.

APCu Cache Manager Prestashop Addon

APCu Cache Manager Prestashop Addon (Free)

APCu is a user database cache that PrestaShop can utilize to increase your site’s speed by caching database data. One thing to note, is that APC is no longer maintained and APCu is a different caching extension.

PrestaShop Opcache Module

PrestaShop Opcache Module (Free)

If you are not running Opcache with PrestaShop, you seriously need to look into having it installed on your server. If you do not know what Opcache is, it is part of PHP 5.5 that stores your compiled files in memory for faster execution. Generally we have seen sites that run Opcache cut their loading time in half.

PrestaShop Memcache Manager

Memcache Manager Prestashop Module (Free)

PrestaShop has included support for Memcache for years in the core. There has never been an effective way to manage it though. You never know if it is actually being used, if the cache is being hit, nothing. That is where our Memcache Manager comes in.

Prestashop Modules to Increase Conversion Rates

PrestaShop Clicktale Module (Free)

Are you using heat mapping to track visitors on your website yet? If you answered “no”, you are missing out on sales and lost opportunities. Heat mapping software is an excellent way to optimize the conversion rate of your website. Imagine being able to see what people are actually clicking on and looking at on a page.

40nuggets prestashop module

40Nuggets PrestaShop Module (Free)

40Nuggets is the best way to control pop up modals on your PrestaShop website. 40Nuggets will let you target different parts of your site with different modal windows. You can off different customs different messages or rewards. 40 Nuggets also is optimized for exit intent marketing as well. If it senses a user is about to leave your site it will fire off your modal window to try to capture a conversion.

Order Totals Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Order totals is an admin side free PrestaShop module that shows the total amount of orders placed along with the number of products purchased in a given period. This module offers 10 different filters by which admin can sort information in a grid. This information can then be exported to a PDF file for analyses and reporting.


Home Comments Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Home Comments PrestaShop Module displays the latest customer comments on the home page in an elegant block. This block displays name, the image of customers as well as rating and date. This ultimately helps you grow your customers’ confidence in your products.

Crazy Egg Prestashop Addon (Free)

Are you using heat maps to track the users on your site? If not, how do you know what which areas of your site they are interacting with and which ones need fresh content? That is where Crazy Egg comes in. They are a heat mapping service that produces great heat maps to let you know what your users find interesting about your site.

hotjar prestashop module

Hotjar Prestashop Module (Free)

Do you know where users are interacting with your PrestaShop site? Which products they are clicking? Which one of your banners they click on? Knowing where your customers are clicking will give you a better idea of what is working and what is not working.

Optimizely Module

PrestaShop Optimizely Module (Free)

If you are not familiar with Optimizely you are missing out on sales. Optimizely is a multivariate testing tool that will allow you to fine tune your website to produce more results. The best part about using Optimizely is that you do not have to know how to code to use it effectively. All you have to do it use their intuitive editor to make changes and see how they will affect your sales.

Request For Quote

Request For Quote Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Request for Quote enables your customers to ask a price estimate of products and services you offer. This module serves as a useful communication tool between you and the visitors, where they can quickly ask about pricing and proceed with purchases.

PrestaShop Kiss Metrics Module

Kiss Metrics Prestashop Module (Free)

If you are not currently using Kiss Metrics, you should be. It is excellent for tracking customer interactions on your PrestaShop website. With Kiss Metrics you can associate page views, carts, and all browsing history with each client. You can know what John Smith has been looking at to better target advertising to him.

Portfolio Addon - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Portfolio module allows you to build a business portfolio that documents all the projects, products and services you have completed so far. It helps you showcase product items as samples to get more orders and boost revenue.

Shopmania Integration

Zopim / Zendesk Chat (Free)

There are many reasons to use Live Chat. You can use Live Chat to: Increase sales conversion on your website, Handle customer support on your website, Get feedback from early beta users of your service.

send to friend 3

Send to a Friend (Free)

This module allows visitors to send an email to friend with url of viewed product page. This feature was available in PrestaShop 1.6 by default, unfortuantely in PrestaShop 1.7 it isn't.

product reviews

Product Reviews Module (Free)

Module creates a special section on product pages where your customers can read and write reviews about your products.

Social Networks Free & Paid Prestashop Modules & Addons

addthis prestashop module

AddThis Prestashop Module (Free)

Social media powers most businesses if you are not harnessing it, you are behind your competition. Add This is one of the largest and best services for putting your customers closer to your social media reach.


Facebook Like Addon - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Facebook Like is a very famous Free PrestaShop Module for Social Media which can be used on any page of your website. This free PrestaShop plugin puts strength in your brand awareness and marketing efforts. People love to like and share great work whether it is product, service or blog. Because it helps their communities know who offers best services.

pinterest prestashop module

Pinterest Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

FME Modules offer Free PrestaShop Module for Pinterest through which you are able to share your product images and information on Pinterest with just one click. Pinterest is a massive marketing platform and its showroom does great conversions with the help of outstanding images. If you need more traffic, more conversions, do not miss this free addon.

Facebook Group Widget (Free)

This is a free module for PrestaShop and it lets people join your Facebook group directly from your shop pages.

Facebook Like Box (Free)

This free module is the simplest and fastest way to add facebook like box plugin into our shop based on PrestaShop.

Social Network Link 2

Social Network Links (Free)

With this addon you have got an ability to create social network links. Module supports facebook, twitter, youtube, google +, RSS.

facebook comment

Facebook Comment Addon (Free)

With this module you will be able to add Facebook Comments to your each product page in your shop. Awesome module to increase page views and income.

Custom Layout

Scroll to Top Prestashop Module (Free)

Scroll to Top prestashop module allows the visitor to easily scroll back to the top of the page, with fully customizable options and image.


No Image Available Addon (Free)

Generate "No Image Available" images for all languages and all image types.


Custom Fields for Registration Free Prestashop Module

Add custom fields to registration form. Compatible with: All versions later than Prestashop1.7.x

Hiding out of stock products Free PrestaShop module

Set the "Visibility" option of out of stock products to "Nowhere" to hide them on the front office.


News Slider Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

News Slider is a free module that allows you to display the latest news, events information on the home page, in an elegant block on left column. This block shows title and short description of news/events, where users can click on it to read more details on a separate page. WYSIWYG editor enables you to upload images, videos and format text as required.

Back to Top Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Back to Top is a Free PrestaShop Module that boosts your efforts to achieve customers satisfaction. Its job is to reflect dynamic image of your website in front of users. They can scroll down lengthy product, forum or blog pages without worrying about scrolling back to top. Because after you have installed this free Plugin “Back To Top” button will appear as soon as they will scroll down any page.

Brands Scroller Module - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Brands Scroller is a free PrestaShop Module which enables you to display brands on home page in a scroller. This scroller is placed on home content and brands are shown with images. By default PrestaShop does not display images with brands and also does not show them on home content.

Background Switcher Addon - Prestashop 1.7.x (Free)

Free PrestaShop Background Switcher Module allows you to upload different images from your PC and apply as a webpage background on different pages of your website. You can select the target pages on which images will be applied on full scale.

Snowfall Effect Prestashop Module

Snowfall Effect Prestashop Module (Free)

Add nice looking animation effect of falling snow to your Prestashop store and enjoy festival season. You can add falling snow flakes to your store and customize snow flakes using various configuration options. Simple, Elegant, Realistic snow effect!