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8 Free & Paid OpenCart Extensions to Help You Boost Your Sales

Google Shopping for OpenCart

Google Shopping for OpenCart (Free)

Introducing Google Shopping for OpenCart! Your brand new marketing tool allowing effortless promotion for products from your OpenCart store to shoppers who are searching for them online. Now you can display products directly to interested customers across Google’s network. Google Smart Shopping Campaigns focus on driving AI-optimized traffic straight to your own OpenCart store using your own product data to create your advertising campaigns.


PopupUpsell - Increase the amount of every sale with custom upsell offers

Upselling is a marketing technique which gives the customer the chance to purchase upgrades or addons, such as better features, better specifications or even the more expensive version of the product they have chosen in order to maximise the value of the purchase. PopupUpsell lets you design as much pop ups as you want and assign them to various products on your website. Simple yet effective approach to increase your income.

Facebook Shop Opencart Module

Facebook Shop - Import Your Store to Facebook (Free)

A Top Extension On Opencart! Start selling on Facebook Now, it's Free! Import your Opencart store to Facebook in 3 clicks and In a few minutes you'll have your store on Facebook. The Forever Free plan is located under the premium plans table. *Increase your fans base and boost your sales Today!

DiscountOnNextPurchase - Email post purchase discount code

DiscountOnNextPurchase is the easiest way to keep customers coming back for more. The module allows you to send an unique coupon code after a purchase. Admin is able to track the sent/used coupons and choose order status to send a coupon code on.

better together

Better Together - Opencart Module (Free)

This mod permits you to offer this type of discounted cross selling in your OpenCart. Buy item , get item at a discount. Discounts may be specified as percentages of the latter item's price or as absolute values in the currency you cart uses.


ProductBundles - Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles

ProductBundles is a MUST for anybody who loves cross-selling. First designed and implemented by Amazon, there isn't anyone who will be able to resist your offer for bundle buy of products. Everyone has done it. You go to buy a book and you end up with 5 books and a DVD. The module will allow you to select products and pack them with a bundle. The bundles display once you one open a product page. Customers are able to instantly see the bundle and the savings that the special price will bring them. Fastest way to making more sales.

SignUpCoupons - Send emails with coupons upon signup

Increasing your clients database has never been easier. SignUpCoupns gives you the option to provide your new customers with a discount upon signing up to your store. The module also features customizable above the banner sign that will definitely grab your web store visitors attention. SignUpCoupons comes with a set of really cool options, so please read on...


FreeShippingTeaser - Smart free shipping offer

FreeShippingTeaser is the best way to keep customers spending more and more until they get a free shipping. Research shows that customers are willing to spend as much as 1.5x the amount they are willing to spend normally, when prompted with a FreeShipping hook. The way the module works is it notifies the customer there is $X left until free shipping. The module is the perfect way to get the most of your existing free shipping program or to consider adding one if you do not have already. All components are highly customizable, design is beautiful and made to match your store unique outlook.

6 Free & Paid SEO Opencart Extensions / Modules

SEO Facebook Open Graph Tags

SEO Facebook Open Graph Tags (Free)

Boost your SEO with this extension and share your content on Facebook. Why should you use Open Graph tags on your site? When someone shares content from your site to Facebook, Facebook crawler will scrape the HTML of the URL that is shared. On a regular HTML page this content is basic and may be incorrect, because the scraper has to guess which content is important, and which is not.

OpenCart SEO Pack PRO

OpenCart SEO Pack PRO The most popular OpenCart SEO Pack

OpenCart SEO Pack PRO includes all SEO extensions and features and many more.

SEO Backpack

SEO Backpack - All SEO Tools in One Place

SEO Backpack came as a result of more than 4 years of exploration, podcasts, forums and research on SEO best practices and its evolution. It is inspired by the advice of worldwide SEO Experts like Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwarz, Neil Patel and Danny Sullivan. Featuring more than 40 different product features as well as 4 features not available in any other product in the market.

6 Top Speed Booster Opencart Extensions / Modules

OpenCart Lightning - Most Effective Accelerator

OpenCart Lightning - Most Effective Accelerator (Free)

OpenCart Lightning is the most complete and progressive solution to make you shop as fast as possible. It includes all the techniques that are required to reach the outstanding result - from top to bottom: Get the highest possible speed and scores (optimized for new Google PageSpeed). Optimize for a large number of products & categories. Feel massive customer experience and SEO boost. No need for additional caching or optimization extensions.

Speed Up opencart store page - Speed Up & fast your site

Increase & Improves from 40/100 points upto 95/100 points in Google Pagespeed,pingdom & YSlow.

NitroPack Cache

NitroPack Cache Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework

NitroPack is the most feature-rich speed product on the market. It is tightly integrated with Google PageSpeed Insights V4. It is designed to boost your page loading speed and improve the overall user experience. It can also improve your SEO results as search engines will be able to index your website easier due to the speed optimizations.

Carbon Cache PRO

Carbon Cache PRO - OpenCart Speed Optimization Tool

Every second delay means a 7% drop in conversions and 11% drop in pageviews. We have developed a full-featured Speed enhancer with Cache, CDN, Compression, Minification and more so you could make your site lightning fast.

DatabaseSpeedUp - Instant Database Speed Booster

DatabaseSpeedUp will instantly make the database queries on your store faster. It will help you boost your page loading speed, which results in increasing your visitors' experience. It can also improve your SEO results as search engines will be able to index your website easier due to the speed optimizations.

SD Premium DB Indexes - boost database performance up to 50x

This plugins sole purpose is increasing OpenCarts database performance and efficiency (both user and administrator area). It will decrease page generation time by multiple factors depending on server hardware and number of data (products/categories/orders) in database. Many OpenCart performance/optimization extensions are focused on content caching techniques, which only mask real issues. Our extension actually deals with database optimization, which reduces database demand for memory and/or CPU power.

7 Shipping Methods Opencart Modules / Extensions

UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point

UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ : Official Opencart Extension (Free)

UPS has launched a free UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™ Extension that will allow you to integrate and offer a wide range of UPS shipping & delivery solutions directly on your website check-out process! This official UPS Extension for OpenCart gives your customers access to our expansive UPS Access Point network and delivery services.

X-Shipping opencart extension

X-Shipping is a free shipping module for OpenCart (Free)

If you want to define your own shipping method and price, this module is the perfect solution. In this module you can create your own shipping method and give the method whatever name you want. You also can select a shipping zone if you want.

DHL Express Shipping with Print Label (Free)

Displays DHL Live Shipping Rates based on the Shipping Address and Cart Content. Premium supports DHL Label Printing & Tracking. Looking for the easiest & efficient way to integrate DHL Express with OpenCart shopping cart? Tired of copying and pasting order details just to create a label? Here is the solution!

Ultimate Shipping Pro Opencart Extension

Create shipping charges based on any criteria you want! Ultimate Shipping uses an intuitive "rules" system to easily determine when your shipping charges appear. Set standard rates (such as based on total or weight) or live rates (such as UPS or FedEx) for individual products or groups of products, and then combine the charges together into a single charge displayed to the customer.

Shipping based Payment

Shipping based Payment Opencart Extension

The idea is very simple yet very useful - set payments to show depending on the shipping methods selected by the customer on the checkout page.


Auto Shipping Extension for OpenCart

This Auto Shipping extension applies Flat shipping rate directly on cart. This extension eliminates Estimate shipping & taxes step. So there is no need for the user to perform an additional step in order to calculate the shipping costs. This extension simplifies the checkout process.

+7 Free Payment Gateways Opencart Modules / Extensions

OpenCart - PayPal Commerce Platform integration

OpenCart - PayPal Commerce Platform integration (Free)

As an Opencart merchant, you can now start accepting Paypal and Credit Card payments in 1 single integration with a simple onboarding process. No more managing the API credentials. Connect with Paypal and start selling.

Square Payments

Square Payments - OpenCart Integration (Free)

This is the official Square OpenCart integration developed by iSenseLabs. Integrating Square with OpenCart is simple and seamless; no coding required.

Google Pay™ - Pay for whatever, whenever (Free)

Google Pay™ lets your customers pay with the press of a button — using payment methods saved to their Google Accounts. Google Pay™ works for both customers shopping at physical store and online in your apps or websites. Now, this is also possible with OpenCart's extension. With Google Pay™ extension, you can offer one-click checkout for your customers, reduce abandoned cart rate and increase conversion.

Mastercard Payment Gateway Services for OpenCart (Free)

Easily integrate Mastercard Payment Gateway Services into your OpenCart store with this extension. Mastercard Payment Gateway Services offers industry leading, global payment processing services and advanced fraud management solutions. Optional sophisticated fraud prevention tools to minimize fraud without rejecting genuine customers and compromising the speed or efficiency.

Live Chart Opencart Extensions / Modules

Formilla Live Chat

Formilla Live Chat (Free)

Formilla Live Chat Software with real-time visitor monitoring for your OpenCart store. Allow your visitors to chat with you live if they have any questions or need support! Boost your sales and improve support.


SkypeButton - Skype Chat/Call Button (Free)

SkypeButton allows your clients to connect with the shop owner through worlds most beloved Skype tool. You can now chat or call the store owner via Skype with a click of a button.

Facebook Chat for OpenCart

Facebook Chat for OpenCart (Free)

Elfsight Facebook Chat is the most convenient way for people to address you and get help. You will stay available online in one the most favorite messengers.

Administration Opencart Extensions / Mobules

Excel Export Import Tool opencart

Excel Export & Import Tool (Free)

The Import/Export Tool allows the admin user to do a bulk export of categories, products, options, attributes, filters and customers to an Excel spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet file can be edited offline and then be re-imported to the OpenCart database.

HTML code to Product Attribute with visual editor

HTML code to Product Attribute with visual editor (Free)

This extension enable to write HTML code (like P, A links, DIV, UL LI, tags etc...) for product attributes.

QuickFix: Extensions Installer issue when FTP support disabled (Free)

If you get an error below saying "Could not connect as ......" while uploading your zipped extensions via the Extension Installer, you probably have the FTP support disabled from your hosting. This tiny ocmod extension code fixes this. This is a mod for the new OCMOD modification system in OpenCart 2.0. It allows you to install zipped extensions without the need for FTP support on your server.

EnableDisable Products

EnableDisable Products (Free)

EnableDisable Products module simplifies the process of working with the goods, adding Enable / Disable buttons for batch processing.

Advanced News System

Advanced News System (Free)

Add a news system for OpenCart store. You can easily post news and update your customers on the latest happenings through your website with this news system. Features : SEO URL, Unlimited News, Enable / Disable News, Multi-language support, 100% New Files, News module to place your news around your website.

OCMod Editor Opencart Extension

OCMod Editor Opencart Extension (Free)

This extension was developed without OCMOD format, and has the objective of enabling the administration of OpenCart functionalities to create, edit and manage XML files in OCMOD format, as well as having useful resources that are used during the process of implementation and adjustment of the store.

Improve User Experience on Opencart

Ajax Live Search Opencart Module (Free)

AJAX live search - AJAX makes your store more attractive and functional with Search Results. It helps your Users to easily find and purchase the product as their wish and add the great User Experience.

Hide Ex Tax price (Free)

Hides Ex Tax price from: product page - category page - specials - search - manufacturer page - module latest - module special - module bestseller - module featured

Ajax Update Option Price (Free)

Use Ajax to change price in frontend product's page. It makes your store more attractive and functional with purchase Experience. It helps your Users to easily check and choice the product as their wish and add the great User Experience.

Animated Scroll To Top – All Themes

Animated Scroll To Top – All Themes (Free)

This extension is quite simple but really useful. It adds animated scroll to top button if the user scrolls down the page. It help Your Visitors to get to the Top of the Page.


Invoice Layout Template

Free 9 Invoice Layout Template

If you usually use opencart invoices system, here I provide some layout template. To make your invoice looks different, not like the default.

Mobile Assistant Connector

Mobile Assistant Connector for Opencart (Free)

Mobile Assistant Connector extension accelerates OpenCart Mobile Assistant application performance and it is recommended to install and use it with Mobile Assistant. OpenCart Mobile Assistant is an advanced solution that allows to always keep your online store under control. With this application you can reach OpenCart website any time you need, collaborate with customers, view the statistics, check products and orders, control multiple OpenCart stores. Moreover, it is possible to set widgets that will display the latest changes.