30 Free and Premium Material Design Resources for Designers

Honestly speaking, being a designer does not always mean that you have to create a product from scratch. Without a doubt, when it comes to website building, you will work on buttons and color schemes to create a unique appearance. However, there are some ready-made elements (like images or sounds) that you will need. Actually, nowadays it is not a big deal. Modern web space contains tones of attractive online resources for material design. Among them, you can find galleries, stocks, markets, and blogs. They are both free and premium. Luckily, in 2018 it is easy to be on first name terms with web design. Still, the comfort we get results in another issue. It means that there are more and more sites appearing every minute. With it, today every designer faces rising demands. How to stay trendy?

To do it, you have to use only high-quality resources. As the name of the post says, we will help you! Today we have for you top 30 free and premium material design resources for designers. Among them, you will find the next elements.

  • Material icons;
  • Material backgrounds;
  • Material Frameworks,
  • and Material UI Kits.

Are you ready to get a new portion of inspiration? Let’s begin.

Free and Premium Resources for Designers: Material Icons


1 – Thousand Material Design Icons


Let’s start with this popular material design resource – 1 000 material design icons. As you can see, the name explains everything distinctly. Visiting the page, you will be able to choose from more than 1 000 icons. Each of them fits material design in a perfect way! To say more, all the items are divided with the help of 20+ categories. Thus, it will not take you much time to find the needed icon. Also, we should mention that there are 7 different resolutions. What else should you know about this cool online resource for material design? Well, nothing except the fact that it is completely free! By the way, there are also free material design fonts to use.

2 – Material Design Icons from Google


Talking about the modern resources for designers, it is impossible to forget about Google. Being the most popular fountain of knowledge in the 21st Century, it also provides online users with lots of ready-to-use goods. To illustrate, today every worthy business theme is integrated with Google to provide its owner with 500+ free fonts. So, material design icons will not make an exception. There is a default collection of Google material design icons you should certainly view out! It is lightweight, so you can include the icons to your library effortlessly. Along with websites, you can customize these icons to add for IOS- and Android-based projects.

3 – Free Master Set


If you are looking for something unusual, Free Master Set of Material Design Icons is exactly what the doctor ordered! These are multiple free bold elements made by Jurre Houtkamp – an amsterdam creator. He loves his work and provides the audience with new icons regularly. Visiting the site, you will find such file types as .png, .ico, and, obviously, .icns. In summary, Houtkamp’s project is the bright example of how creative material design can be.

4 – Tonicons


Initially, Tonicons is a premium icon bundle that consists of 2000 quality icons. All the items are versatile, flexible, and adaptive. Thus, a user can edit every detail including colors, sizes, and shapes. The products come in .psd and vector .eps formats. Basically, that is what you get with Tonicons.

  • 5 icon styles: flat, button, long shadow, outline, and solid;
  • More than 2 000 well-crafted icons;
  • Multiple sizes;
  • Fully flexible vector icons in .png, .psd, .eps, and .svg.

Finally, inside Tonicons, you will also find a classy CSS-ready font for web icons. It fits any app as well as any project.

5 – Material Design Icons


Originally, Material Design Icons is a fast-growing online gallery. It lets a user downloading material design icons in the needed format, size, color, etc. Being absolutely free, this resource for today’s designers contains 4 000 hi-res icons.

Free and Premium Resources for Designers: Material Backgrounds


6 – 12 Free Material Design Backgrounds


In a word, 12 Free Material Design Promotional Backgrounds is a ready-to-use package for designers. As the name of the product says, the freebie contains 2 high-resolution backgrounds to use for a material design project. It can be a personal or a commercial website. Here is what you get.

  • 3000×2000 px backgrounds;
  • .png and .jpg high-quality files;
  • Material design color schemes;
  • CC0 license;
  • Diamond shape for highlighting the needed items.

7 – 10 Material Design Backgrounds


Here is another collection of free material design backgrounds. Inside it, you will see 10 quality icons. They come with 5 color schemes and 2 styles. Talking about 10 Material Design Backgrounds, everything is as simple as pie.

8 – 40+ Material Design Backgrounds


Although you can’t say that the names of the presented collections are unique, it doesn’t influence the beauty of the products. Being available in high resolution, these awesome 40+ Material Design Backgrounds can fit both online and real-life projects. Choosing the very background, you will be able to use it for a site as well as for a print. Wait a minute! Why should you choose at all? Fortunately, these fully customizable backgrounds are free. Thus, don’t hesitate to try each and every one!

9 – 30 Material Backgrounds


The next resource for designers is a new set of 30 Material Backgrounds. All the mentioned items are available for free and include .png and illustrator files.

10 – 1100 Strikingly-colored Artistic Bundle


We already showed you how well-organized and lucrative the modern bundles are. Thus, here is another worthy example of material design resource, called 1100. Honestly, there is nothing to make your project more creative than this artistic bundle. It contains acrylic, watercolor, abstract, marble, ink, and much more styles! Shortly, there are 1 100 backgrounds in a single bundle. Getting the product, you will not need to look for another material design resource for years! Just take a closer look at these shining color schemes!

11 – Material Banners


Would you like to take an advantage of the smartly created material banners? Would you like them to be free? Would you like to use them to create headers, images, and backgrounds? In this case, get a 360 vision of these impressive Material Design Banners! There are only 5 items but you will fall in love with these textures.

12 – Set of Patterns


At last, you should check this new set of the Tiled Material Design Patterns! They are free and include .png, vector, and Photoshop formats to let you change any detail.

 Free and Premium Resources for Designers: Material Frameworks


13 – Material-UI


It looks like these days Material-UI is one of the most well-liked material design frameworks. Here we can see the famous Google material design principles in use. Furthermore, if you have ever worked with React, this framework is definitely your must-have!

14 – Material Design Lite


Before all else, Material Design Lite is an easy-to-use framework, which adds a voguish look to your site. Being fully independent tool, the framework does not rely on any JavaScript tools to keep your project fast and lightweight. However, if you are a fan of Java, you will be able to find some components for it. Also, there are CSS and HTML files. Among the items, you will see sliders, buttons, boxes, etc.

15 – MUI


Another material design framework that keeps the project light is MUI. It has MIT license and specializes in creating Google material design based projects and web applications.

16 – LumX


For those users, who want to design charming applications, LumX is a real one-size-fits-all solution. With it, you get:

  • Google material design;
  • full CSS framework;
  • bunch of AngularJS components;
  • various pre-designed elements like dropdowns, cards, notifications, etc.;
  • Sass functionality.

17 – Materialize


Talking about Materialize, this material design resource is a strong front-end framework. Just look a bit at Materialize to see that it has everything and anything to be loved by material design fans.

18 – Angular Material


Above you can see another popular front-end UI framework, called Angular Material. Choosing it, you will be provided with multiple responsive elements. They work nicely on the desktops and on the small-screened devices.

19 – Material Foundation


Finally, it is time to move to this magical material design framework – Material Foundation. Using it, you get a total control under the project. Be free to customize whatever you want whenever you need! Inside you will find a set of React elements to work with.

Free and Premium Resources for Designers: Material UI Kits


20 – Tree Bundle – Eye-catching Infographic Elements


Being a part of this highly competitive era, you know how hard it is now to showcase information. Almost every company has its hip website so does every young startup. That is why prospects become more and more absent-minded. All in all, there are tones of facts, numerals, and statistics shown all around. For these simple reasons, we recommend you to introduce important information in a soft, eye-catching, and laconic way. Remember that your promo should be simple and attention-grabbing. With it, nowadays infographics are a powerful design element that stays in trend for years. So, what will you get, choosing Tree Bundle for your needs?

Opening the package, a user gets:

  • highly customizable vector files (saved in .eps and AI CS5) rescaling to any size;
  • free web fonts you can download;
  • 4 pleasant color variations;
  • 10 popular tree infographic components;
  • templates to create your own infographic, and more.

21 – Material UI Kit


Made for Sketch and Photoshop lovers, Material UI Kit comes with a set of remarkable elements. You can use them for an application or the mobile version of a website. It’s free!

22 – Soft Free Material Design UI Kit


First things first, a noticeable zest of Free Material Design UI Kit is the way it speeds up your work. Working with these ready-to-customize components, you will easily find time on a couple of side projects.

23 – Do App UI Kit

Do App

Here is a magnificent to-do application UI kit for material design creators. Its layout is clean and Retina-ready. Inside the kit, a user will see 10 themes, 100+ dazzling screens, and lots of helpful elements.

24 – Bank Tag


Do you want to explore more material design kits? Thus, don’t miss Bank Tag that has 10+ screens for your mobile application.

25 – Amazing Big Bundle


In addition, we want you to see this amazing big bundle of infographic elements. Working with the bundle, you can create some individual infographics or choose from 40+ pre-designed elements.

26 – Advanced Statistic Cards

advanced statistics

Next, here is a separate stunning material design bundle, called Advanced Statistic Cards. It comes with Bootstrap 4 and has a set of colors, 5 trendy shapes, and an adaptive design. To say more, don’t hesitate to try icon-fonts!

27 – uTech UI Elements

utech ui

Another premium material design UI kit that is worthy of your attention is uTech. It fits many startups (from food to media) and contains lots of neat, well-elaborated screens. By the way, you will also get some must-have screens for profile, feed, etc.

28 – Crystallize


Essentially, Crystallize contains many elements with a girly design. This elegant material design kit is free. The files come in .psd.

29 – Rainy Season


Gently speaking, Rainy Season is a magic wand for those, who want to express their personality. Working with this brilliant material design kit, a user can create new concepts and experiment with the design effortlessly. Luckily, Rainy Season fits both web and mobile projects. Are you ready to create new trends?

30 – Stats+ Chats+ Tickets Statistics UI Kit


To end with, we recommend you to look at this clean statistics UI kit. In case you are going to create an online statistics for chats or tickets, try these .psd elements. It is time to organize your business and manage a modern admin panel for it!

For today these were all 30 free and premium material design resources we have for you. Obviously, the web space is full of their analogues and this list could have been called top 3 000 resources for designers. Still, in this post, we wanted to combine only trustworthy, popular, and quality online material design resources. Do you think we have missed something? Can you share some positive feedbacks about other resources for designers? In this case, be the first to comment this post.

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