How to Choose a Theme with Bootstrap: ABC for Beginners

A website theme with Bootstrap is a lifesaver both for professional web designers and beginners. As Bootstrap is a free framework, it has become extremely popular within months after being released back in 2011. What makes Bootstrap so favored? How can you personally (as a potential website owner or an app developer) benefit from this framework? We will do our best to answer these questions in the today’s post.

How does Bootstrap work?

It is a well-known fact that the main aim of Bootstrap is to facilitate the process of building responsive and easily customizable websites to the fullest. But for a beginner, it is also important to understand the key principles and features of a theme with Bootstrap.

Put simply, Bootstrap helps you to organize the content within its 12 column grid (s. image below). The more informative your website should be, the more rows and columns it will contain. Every column and row can be filled with a certain content block, i.e. a popup or a subscription form. Yes, this simple.

Choose Theme Bootstrap ABC for Beginners - 12 Columns

The biggest advantage of Bootstrap is that it offers you dozens of ready design templates, containing HTML and CSS for specific purposes, like a drop-down menu. In other words, with Bootstrap, you get an access to the unique “library”, where every book is a handy feature like a gallery, a menu, a web form etc.

The best part about Bootstrap is that to enjoy the diversity that this framework has to offer, you do not need to be an expert in HTML and CSS (or JavaScript, for that matter). How so? Web agencies that develop modern Bootstrap themes usually “hide” the Bootstrap functionality in the admin panel. Instead, these themes are equipped by advanced visual website editors (usually based on the drag-and-drop principle) in order not to confuse novices. But if you know where to look for, you will be able to see the whole beauty of Bootstrap, won’t you?

Long-term Benefits of Using Bootstrap

What makes a theme with Bootstrap your #1 choice when it comes to the web design? Here is a list of possible answers:

  • Bootstrap is manageable. Even if you lack an extensive expertise in HTML, CSS, and JS at the moment, you can make your website look eye-grabbing simply by making use of the Bootstrap functionality. How exactly? You can find a zillion of tutorials, both videos and posts, on how to implement Bootstrap on your website quickly.
  • Bootstrap is mobile-friendly. As more users choose to browse the web using their smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to choose a theme with Bootstrap. This way you will not have to create a mobile version of your multi-page website from scratch. With Bootstrap, you only need to specify the number of columns in the grid system that should be loading horizontally to ensure that a website looks good on smaller screens.
  • Bootstrap is timesaving. Bootstrap allows you to use its pre-written design templates. As you do not have to reinvent a wheel every time you need a certain combination of layout and content. By using the Bootstrap functionality, you actually save time for other important aspects related to your website’s performance, e.g. the SEO-optimization.

What to Look for in a Theme with Bootstrap?


As there are tons of Bootstrap templates on the web these days, it is important to single out the ones that you will truly benefit from. To help you, we have compiled a list of essential features that differentiate a professional theme with Bootstrap from the other tempting but not really well-polished offers. So, any theme with Bootstrap that is created to a high specification should be:

  • Built by an established web agency. If an agency has been on the web market for at least a few years, then this agency is more likely to offer you professional products. Yes, there are sporadic examples of ambitious young businesses that rock the web design universe with their high-quality offers. But in general, the longer you practice, the better you get. The competition in the web design industry is immense, which leads to the survival of the fittest. So, before buying a theme with Bootstrap, conduct a background check on the web agency that developed the theme.
  • Developed to dominate a specific market nichev. The more niche-specific content you find in a theme with Bootstrap, the easier it will be for you to customize this theme. The same goes for layout. If a theme with Bootstrap contains pre-populated pages aimed at a specific target group, then you can actually see what market potential this particular theme has.
  • Backed by tech assistants. Yes, Bootstrap is extremely user-friendly. Yes, you will be able to build a spectacular website even with the limited understanding of how Bootstrap works. But no, nobody can guarantee that you will not come across a tech issue that can compromise your online project in the future. That is why, choose a theme with Bootstrap that comes with a free tech support, and preferably the one that is available 24/7.


Free and Premium Bootstrap themes

5 Free Bootstrap Themes


Handmade Candles – Free Bootstrap Opencart Templates

Handmade Candles - Free Bootstrap Opencart Templates

Handmade Candles is an elegant OpenCart template that allows you to build an online shop for all sorts of hand-made products. Thanks to the Bootstrap functionality, you will be able to modify ready-made content blocks that will look great on all modern devices. Give your future buyers choose currency and language and offer them the excellent shopping experience!

ATV Club – Bootstrap Themes

ATV Club - Bootstrap Themes

Choose ATV Club if you need a free and professional theme with Bootstrap to attract fans of motor sports. With the interactive layout of this Bootstrap template, your prospective visitors will feel engaged with your content within the shortest terms. Amaze your future followers with the well-balanced color palette of this Bootstrap theme.

BeFlora – Flower Bootstrap Template

BeFlora - Flower Bootstrap Templates

BeFlora should be your #1 choice if you need a clean and well-organized Bootstrap theme. Designed for a flower business, this theme can actually be used as an excellent platform for selling any types of goods. Thanks to the Product’s Quick View and the advanced search options, your customers will return to your estore in no time!

SweeTella Store – Cake Opencart Bootstrap Template

SweeTella Store - free bootstap template

SweeTella Store is a free OpenCart theme with the Bootstrap functionality. Looking fresh and ambitious, this theme with Bootstrap is easily customizable – feel free to change the color palette, the layout, and more. Amaze your online shoppers with appetite-whetting photos and a sticky menu and make money along the way!

Free Business Theme with Bootstrap

Free Business Theme with Bootstrap

Do you want your future online customers to get the full picture of services you offer? Then choose Free Business website Template, which is equipped with a user-friendly search option and a sticky menu. Thanks to the inbuilt Bootstrap functionality, this business theme will look gorgeous on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

10 Premium Bootstrap Themes


proBusiness – Elegant Audit Company Multipage HTML Website Template

proBusiness - Elegant Audit Company Multipage HTML Website Template

proBusiness is a website template that can be transformed into a stunning website within days, if not hours. Feel free to use all sorts of content elements to create the unique combination of content and layout for your consulting business. As there are plenty working forms included in this theme with Bootstrap, you will always stay in touch with your clientele!

SEOMarket – SEO & Marketing Agency Website Template

SEOMarket - SEO & Marketing Agency Website Template

SEOMarket is a perfect match if you need a website to promote your SEO services. SEOMarket will live up to all expectations of yours as it has +35 HTML pages to offer. All these pages are powered with the Bootstrap functionality. What is more, all the photos you see in this theme are free for you to use so that you can go online with your project within the shortest terms.

Brave Theme – Multipurpose HTML Website Template

Brave Theme - Multipurpose HTML Website Template

If you want to launch a professional website quickly, Brave is what you need. Thanks to the combination of the Bootstrap functionality and pre-made pages, you will be able to build a website for a taxi company, a theater, or a SEO-agency. Feel free to test the Visual Page Editor online to see how easy it is to modify this Bootstrap theme.

Investment Smart – Solid Investment Agency Multipage HTML Website Template

Investment Smart - Solid Investment Agency Multipage HTML Website Template

Investment Smart is an all-in-one solution for companies that provide consulting services. Make use of its appointment manager to make sure that all meetings of your go according to schedule. Enjoy the customization potential that this theme with Bootstrap has to offer thanks to eye-grabbing animation effects and transitions.

Corallo Studio – Photographer Portfolio Multipage Website Template

Corallo Studio - Photographer Portfolio Multipage Website Template

Corallo Studio is a portfolio website template with the Bootstrap functionality. Thanks to numerous content blocks like counters and the parallax effect, your portfolio will not go unnoticed. Written in the clean code, this Bootstrap template is a guarantee that your future website looks good on all modern devices and loads fast.

Waves – 9 in 1 Business One Page Website Template

Waves - 9 in 1 Business One Page Website Template

Waves is a unique set of landing pages. You will sure thing benefit from this Bootstrap theme if you want to build several online projects or if you are not sure what design to choose for your first website. The Bootstrap functionality of this template is outstanding and gives you enough freedom to build anything – from a photographer’s portfolio to a fashion estore.

Health – Clinic Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Health - Clinic Multipage HTML5 Website Template

Any commercial medical facility will benefit from Health thanks to the adaptive design, the powerful Appointment manager, and integrated Google Maps of this Bootstrap theme. Starting a medical website has been easier with numerous ready-made HTML pages. Stunning galleries of this Bootstrap theme will make your office appear in the best light.

Creek – Construction Company HTML5 Website Template

Creek - Construction Company HTML5 Website Template

Creek is your lifesaver if you want to demonstrate the potential of your construction business to the fullest. The 45+ pages you find in this Bootstrap theme are pre-written in the clean code, which will save you lots of time in the long run. Experiment with different headers and footers that this theme contains to find the perfect combination for your construction company.

Handstand – Gym & Fitness Website Template

Handstand - Gym & Fitness Website Template

Designed in white, grey, and blue, Handstand is an exceptional example of Bootstrap themes of the highest quality. Have a look at the numerous features, e.g. Google Fonts, Trainers, Pricing Table, and Testimonial that you can use to build the solid online presence. Say “Yes” to the website that your sports establishment deserves!

Carspa – Car Wash Website Template

Carspa - Car Wash Website Template

Carspa is like a red Ferrari – gorgeous, quick, and reliable. Enriched with the Bootstrap functionality, this theme loads as fast as light. Watch the live demo of this theme to learn about available layouts and the responsive design of this template.

Final Thoughts

Truth be told, Bootstrap has shaken the web industry to its foundations. It is both simple to learn and sophisticated once implemented. Sure thing Bootstrap will remain one of the driving factors for the web development industry for at least a couple more years (which is a lot, given the speed of changes in the web market). So, give the Bootstrap functionality a try and build your website today easily!

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