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best free responsive blogger template

As more and more people access the web using mobile phones than PCs. Almost bloggers want a mobile version for their blog. Responsive templates can help blog to fit on mobile, tablet and all other devices. In this post I will provide you some free responsive design blogger template which help your blog to fit on any screen.

12 – Easy News – Responsive Blogger Template

Easy News [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]

[Demo] – [Demo Responsive] – [Download]

11 – The Bright – Responsive Blogger Template

Bright [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]

[Demo] – [Demo Responsive] – [Download]

10 – EtipMagazine – Responsive Blogger Template

EtipMagazine [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

09 – Minimum – Responsive Blogger Template

Minimum Theme [Free Blogger Responsive Template]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

08 – Sensational – Responsive Blogger Template

Sensational [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

07 – Main Photo – Responsive Blogger Template

Main Photo [Free Blogger Responsive Template]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

06 – Copyblogger – Responsive Blogger Template

Copyblogger Theme V2 [Free Html5 and Css3 Templates]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

05 – Responsival – Responsive Blogger Template

Responsival Theme [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

04 – Pinfinity – Responsive Blogger Template

Pinfinity [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

03 – Elite Minima – Responsive Blogger Template

Elite Minima [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]


[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

02 – DailyPost – Responsive Blogger Template

DailyPost [Free Blogger Responsive Templates]


[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]

01 – Helicon – Responsive Blogger Template

Helicon [Free blogger responsive Templates]

[Demo][Demo Responsive][Download]



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