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zExterior free responsive html5 themes

Author :
  • Web template by Templatemonster.com
  • Responsive design by Zerotheme.com
Created : March 28, 2014
Categories : Interior
Features : Responsive, Html5, Css3, Grid System (zerogrid by Zerotheme.com)
Colors : Black
Layout : 2 Columns, 3 Columns
Pages : Home Page, Services Page, About Page, Contact Page
Compatible Browsers : Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE8+


  1. cristian says:

    error !!!
    in movil not responsive.

  2. is used to design a students project

  3. yesssssssss !!!
    very funny

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmh the cufons don’t work in german ;_(( äüß
    what a pity

  5. can i use it in my website

  6. I’ve been at it for days and have learned a fair bit on php in the process. Unfortunately I am a newbie to development, and have tried allsorts. Please help, this form is no good to me without a php script for the contact form. Like I said I have been at it for 3 days. Please can someone help me with this one. I managed to get it to send e-mails, but no content (input)
    The html is here http://www.burstonshomeandlandscaping.co.uk/contact-form.html and the php I have is

    $to = “MyEmail@isHere.co.uk”;
    $subject = “Message from your website”;
    $message = ” Name: ” . $name . “\r\n Email: ” . $email . “\r\n Message: ” . $message;

    $from = “Website”;
    $headers = “From:” . $from . “\r\n”;
    $headers .= “Content-type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8” . “\r\n”;

    print “document.location.href=’http://burstonshomeandlandscaping.co.uk/thankyou.html’;”;

    echo “Error! Please try again.”;

  7. thank you for sharing

  8. thank you for sharing

  9. great post thank you admin for sharing

  10. very nice
    thanks for sharing.

  11. you have very good html theme

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